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This changes everything. No, really.

April 10, 2017   |   2 Comments

The meditation begins at 9:35
Audio only version is here.

Hello, Open Heart Project meditator! Thank you for your willingness to look at your own mind through this profound practice. I am so happy to practice with you.

My friend Michael Carroll is an author and executive leadership coach. When he is working with clients who are involved in an intense negotiation, he has a singular piece of advice that both improves their odds and eliminates aggression. (Did I mention that he is a genius?)

Before today’s practice, I share this tactic with you and how you can bring it into every situation of your life. Though it is very simple, it is deeply empowering–and is a direct result of your meditation practice. Do not take my word for this (or anything, really). Try it yourself! Let me hear your reflections, ideas, doubts, accomplishments, and mishaps by leaving a comment, below.

Sending love and hoping you have a great week, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Angela Baker

    Hi Susan. I love your meditations and teachings. Many thanks for your wonderful offerings. Regarding today’s theme – I love how this ties in with neuro-science and cognitive psychology – when we are in an anxious physiological state as in the ‘fight-flight’ response our attention is turned inwards and is kind of on a closed-circuit, but when we are in a clear and calmer physiology we are more naturally curious. And conversely, we can reduce the anxious physiology by turning our attention outwards, particularly in a kind and compassionate way towards others. It intrigues me how the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual traditions is now being ‘proven’ by science and it’s great that now more people are becoming interested in them again.

  • Posted by:  Angela Baker

    And a question I’ve been pondering on. I’m intrigued by the different ‘feeling tone’ of compassion, loving kindness and open-heartedness. Open-heartedness feels more accepting and um, well, open! When I bring ‘open-heartedness’ intentionally to my day, it feels different from having the intention to be kind or compassionate. Kindness and compassion feel as if there is almost an element of ‘doing’ or ‘will-ing’. Have you written any blogs on this that you can refer me to, or any words of wisdom you can offer? Many thanks.

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