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How to stop suffering: Step #7

July 17, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 6:35 Audio only version is here. Hello! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful season, wherever you are. Here in the Northeastern US, we are seeing some lovely sunshine and warmth. Recently, we have been looking at each of the eight steps of the Noble Eightfold Path. These are the steps we could take to attain liberation... READ MORE

This changes everything. No, really.

April 10, 2017   |   2 Comments

The meditation begins at 9:35 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project meditator! Thank you for your willingness to look at your own mind through this profound practice. I am so happy to practice with you. My friend Michael Carroll is an author and executive leadership coach. When he is working with clients who are involved in an intense... READ MORE

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