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What is the Open Heart Project Sangha? 

Founded in 2012 and led by New York Times bestselling author and respected Buddhist teacher Susan Piver, the Open Heart Project is a full-on mindfulness meditation center that lives in the cloud.

We are different than other virtual meditation platforms.

We are not an app. We are a community. (Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means community)

We view meditation, not as a self-improvement hack, but as a path to love, creativity, self-compassion, and a life based on the truth of who you really are.

We have our own unique daily practice that can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

All the features of the OHP are listed below…but no list really captures what makes it so special. Beyond meditation videos, helpful teachings, a deeply supportive community, and skillful teachers, it is for anyone who wants to live in a world where peace, kindness, creativity, and sanity are prized above all.

If this is you, welcome home.

  • Get started with a 7-Day Meditation Quickstart audio program
  • Meditate live Monday - Friday at 9:00 am ET with a collection of accomplished Buddhist teachers
  • Keep your practice going with daily audio meditations delivered right to your inbox
  • A weekly dharma gathering with Susan to check in about your practice every Friday at 3:00 pm ET
  • Join Maho Kawachi for a 2-hour Sunday Meditation Immersion once a month from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
  • a monthly Sangha-only bulletin with a new essay from Susan on the spiritual journey to love and wholeness
  • Free access to most online retreats, classes and workshops
  • To create a deeper sense of community, we offer small, peer-led practice groups that meet weekly
  • Participate in a monthly creative congregation to explore your project, whether it be writing, music, painting, crafting, cooking etc.
  • Practice anytime with hundreds of on-demand meditation videos and talks in the meditation library
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Less Stress, More Joy

Meditation is much more than a practice, it is a path, a way of being in the world. In addition to stress reduction and a myriad of health benefits, a steady practice shows you how to work with your mind so you are not at the mercy of harsh self-judgement, fear, anger, and procrastination.

Meditation teaches you how to be in the world with confidence, courage, and love.

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daily audio meditations

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7-day meditation quick start

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Sangha newsletter

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Monday - Friday LIve Meditations

at 9:00 am ET
Marisa Viola | Bridget Bailey | Kevin Townley | Maho Kawachi | Ernesto Yáñez Castillo | Kristy Krivitsky


  • The Open Heart Project Sangha has been a valuable tool for grounding me in daily practice. It is a space of community and solace for me. I look forward to the online gatherings as a place where I can share my observations and questions about dharma practice. Most importantly, it’s a place to learn from others’ experiences and to be reminded, on a regularly basis, that I’m not alone on the path.

    – Hillary Levin

  • Over the last six months I have been to Iceland, Norway, China, Canada and multiple business trips within the United States.  Sitting with a local Sangha is challenging given my travel and the nature of my work, despite living in what could arguably be the nexus of American Buddhism  – the San Francisco Bay Area. The OHP community is my Sangha  — at home, in the air, on the road, in the 3rd hotel in 3 days.  The OHP team has created a environment to ground my practice.  The volume of quality content is mind-blowing. It is nothing short of transformational and what Susan has created is part of the DNA of 21st Century Western Buddhism.

    – Stefanie Harvey

  • The Open Heart Project is an online place where I can get guidance for my practice.  I can do it at my own pace too. And it’s a community where I can ask for help with whatever I’m going through and there is always a generous supply of kind support. It’s really a well built foundation for me to build my practice on. I would have given up on meditation a long time ago if it wasn’t for this.

    – David Mynchenberg

  • Susan Piver is a wonderful teacher, by definition – this means that her teaching inspires delight, is extremely good, and marvelous. She is passionate in a serene, laid-back contemplative manner as she speaks of Buddha, Meditation and Life. She espouses the traditional knowledge of meditation, interspersed with wisdom from her teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. With her bountiful experience and awareness she colors the ancient practice and study of meditation with a feel and expression that sings truth!
    Study with Susan Piver you will be lifted up!

    – Maya Breuer, President, Black Yoga Teachers Alliance

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Meditation is much more than the life hack du jour.

It is a path to confidence, joy, and love. Once you learn to meditate, you will see that your life has two phases: Before Meditation and After Meditation. It is that potent.
The Open Heart Project is your online resource for learning to meditate, continuing to meditate, and then reaping the benefits by bringing mindfulness into your relationship, work, home life, creativity, and aspirations. It will help you to discover contentment, connect more deeply with those you love, and embrace your true self.
Created by 20+ year Buddhist practitioner and New York Times bestselling author Susan Piver, The Open Heart Project is the only online resource in the world for exploring all aspects of mindfulness at your own pace and in your own unique way.

We have so much to share with you

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We have so much to share with you.

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