Can Buddhists and Christians find common ground in discussing their beliefs?

May 1, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 5:17
Audio only version is here.

Hello, dear meditator.

A few weeks ago, I asked you all what your questions were and have been rewarded with fabulous inquiries! Thank you so much. It is a joy and a delight to answer your questions as part of this free weekly newsletter.

This week’s question comes from Valerie, who wonders:

I would love to know how you would talk about Buddhism to a Christian who wants to understand the experience of non-duality, no self, and/or enlightenment in comparison to own their efforts towards a mystical union of all things in Christ… in which the person becomes “oned with God”… as Julian of Norwich expressed it.

What an awesome question. Thank you. Before this week’s sit, I offer some ideas.

With love,


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