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Right Speech: Four important choices that turn your words into tiny emissaries of goodness and power.

November 6, 2017   |   4 Comments

The meditation begins at 7:15 Audio only version is here. Hello dear meditators. It is great to see you! In meditation, we bring mindfulness to three aspects of our existence. First, we are mindful of our bodies in the way we establish the meditation posture. Second, we become mindful of breath by allowing our attention to ride the breath. Finally,... READ MORE

How to stop suffering: Step #3

June 19, 2017   |   1 Comment

The meditation begins at 12:46 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project meditator. Happy Monday! Or Tuesday or whatever day it may be for you right now. Before today’s meditation, I take us through an overview of the third step along the Buddhist eight-fold path, Right Speech. (In the last two weeks, we looked at step one: Right... READ MORE