What does Buddhism say about how to stop suffering?

October 16, 2023   |   14 Comments

Audio only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 23:02.

Hello, wonderful Open Heart Project. I hope you are well and finding joy in your world.

In the last few weeks, we began a discussion of the Four Noble Truths, the foundational teachings in all of Buddhism.

  1. Life is suffering. (uh-oh)
  2. The cause of suffering (grasping)
  3. The cessation of suffering (it’s possible!)
  4. The Noble 8-Fold Path (steps you can take to alleviate suffering)

This week, we move on to truth number three, how to stop suffering. I hope you find this useful, interesting, helpful, especially at this terrible time of war and strife.

Thoughts? Love to hear them.

Much love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Bonnie Wald

    Thank you

  • Posted by:  Rose Costello

    Susan, marvelous clarity and simplicity. Thank you.

  • Posted by:  Michelle R.

    Very meaningful for me today. Thank you, Susan.

  • Posted by:  Robert Hale

    Wow! Just what I needed.
    Thank you Susan, you are awesome.

  • Posted by:  Kathleen Di Paolo

    πŸ™πŸΌ Thank you Susan for this practice. I benefitted greatly .

  • Posted by:  Gwen

    Thank you, I so needed this at this time. πŸ™β€

  • Posted by:  amy oliff

    This was beautiful, raw and vulnerable. Thank you for the “inhaling water” story, that’s “waking up”. Tell your husband it brought tears to my eyes. Please no more inhaling of water, sending big big love! Always

  • Posted by:  Betsy

    This was so full! So many connections made: Cessation of suffering through awareness & strengthening this through development of the details of my life, linked to precision of mind with consistent meditation practice. Lots to ponder. With much gratitude for your in-depth teaching.

  • Posted by:  lee

    Really enjoying these. Clear explanations and very informative. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to the 8 fold path.

  • Posted by:  Val Riley

    Thank you, very timely for me x

  • Posted by:  Lisa Elizarraras

    So clear! I am feeling a breakthrough:) Appreciating these so much.

  • Posted by:  Kathleen Herguth

    Inspiring talk Thanks

  • Posted by:  George S Mycroft

    Saying what I am sure has been said many, many times before, Susan β€” you consistently provide probably the most human, vulnerable gifting of treasured information available at this time. Deep Mahalos and Aloha from Hawaii. πŸ™

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      George, I thank you! It means a lot to read these words. Thank you again. S

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