Where to start in trying to live a mindful, spiritual, joyful life?

October 2, 2023   |   2 Comments

Audio only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 20:04.

Hello, wonderful Open Heart Project. It is great that we can practice together.

I so appreciate your responses to our recent questionnaire about these videos and what might make them more useful to you. Very grateful to all who took the time to respond to these five questions. Please click here to add your voice!

One thing I got from reading your responses to the question “what would you like to hear more about” is that you’d like to know more about Buddhism. This is not the same thing as wanting to become a Buddhist or walk the Buddhist path or anything like that. But you have this sense that there is wisdom in there that is different from what you have been taught elsewhere. There are things you can apply to your life right now without adopting a new belief system. There are things to learn! That is true! So, this week, I’m launching a series of weekly emails about the foundational Buddhist teachings on the Four Noble Truths. They are:

  1. Life is suffering. (uh-oh)
  2. The cause of suffering (grasping)
  3. The cessation of suffering (it’s possible!)
  4. The Noble 8-Fold Path (steps you can take to alleviate suffering)

This week we begin with truth #1 and why it matters so much. Don’t take my word for this. Or anything! Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.

Upcoming weeks will go into the other truths and then take a closer look at each of the steps along the 8-fold path. I hope this brings benefit to you and your world! Do let me know.

Thoughts? Love to hear them. 

Much love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Karen Swanson

    Susan, Susan, Susan! You have always been wonderful, yet somehow you are becoming more and more wonderful, more and more Susan! I thank my lucky stars for the day your sweet brilliance caught my attention. xoxoxox and more, Karen

  • Posted by:  Matias Gomes

    Thank you for begining from the begining about Buddhism.
    Also, in the first months with the sangha, I used to practice with legs crossed on a chair and was afraid that someone would notice, so thank you for sharing your “secret” : )
    Grateful for everything I’m learning since I joined the OHP.

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