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Award! "How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life," best spirituality book of 2007!!

February 27, 2008   |   10 Comments

Books for a Better Life Awards “The Awards recognize excellence in self-help, motivational, and self-improvement books in nine categories.” Unbelievably, “How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life” has won best spirituality book of 2007 from Books for a Better Life. It is an annual event sponsored by the National MS Society. This year’s event was hosted by TODAY... READ MORE

Ask The Hard Questions before marriage!

February 14, 2008   |   4 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Today is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year and I hope it is for each and every one of you. And if you’re thinking of getting married or otherwise settling in to one relationship, congratulations. You are fortunate, brave, and, if you’re like most of us, terrified. Why do so many couples... READ MORE

Me! Tyra! Giganta-Hair!

February 10, 2008   |   Leave a reply

The Tyra episode I taped (and blogged about) a few months ago will air on Valentine’s Day. The show is called “Will You Marry Me?” My appearance accounts for about 1/2 of 1% of the entire show. Although my hair takes up the entire screen. They really super-poofed my hair. That’s me in the back, looking ferklempt (not to mention... READ MORE

Listening today

February 1, 2008   |   4 Comments

Satta Massagana The Abyssinians So beautiful. Such harmonies. So ridiculously laid back. National anthem of reggae, some say. I hear that the non-English sounding lyrics (Satta Massagana Ahamlai, for example) are Hebrew. But I speak Hebrew and I don’t understand these words. But what do I know. Jah Rastafari. 08-satta-massagana.mp3

I Was a Guardian Angel

January 31, 2008   |   10 Comments

The kind that kicks ass here on earth. Me, many years ago–early 80s. Plus a lot of muscle. This is for you, Davee.

Music for writing

January 23, 2008   |   5 Comments

I usually don’t play music when I write–too distracting. With one exception. When I want to get serious, I put this on repeat and listen to it over and over. I don’t know why but for me it’s perfect–perfect tempo, perfectly spacious. Love. From the “Diva” soundtrack from about 20 yrs ago. sentimental-walk.mp3

The Step Mothership

January 22, 2008   |   14 Comments

Just started “following” a woman on Twitter (this is not like stalking, you’re supposed to follow people) who blogs about stepmothering. Her stepkid is little, mine is 21. When I married his dad, he was 11 so I’ve been part of his life for a fair amount of time. There have been super-high pros and super-low cons. But—and I’m not... READ MORE

Self hate or self love?

January 17, 2008   |   3 Comments

I am one of the luckiest people alive because I have some amazing friendships. Like the guy mentioned above who e-mailed me those comments about Dylan. I mean how awesome is that. This morning was talking to another friend who said, when I was telling him about trying to become a better, more disciplined writer, “Sometimes the energy of self-hate... READ MORE

What is the Enneagram?

January 16, 2008   |   10 Comments

Whenever I find myself in a conversation about interpersonal difficulties (“My boss is a screamer,” “I can’t get my boyfriend to ever be on time,” “My sister cannot  commit to anything”) I always ask, “have you ever heard of the enneagram?” I get one of four responses: 1. No. Not interested in that kind of hoodoo. 2. Isn’t that some... READ MORE

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