How our practice can help with a broken heart (Part 3)

February 26, 2024   |   5 Comments

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Dear, wonderful Open Heart Project,

I have three basic suggestions for how Buddhist wisdom can help with heartbreak. Two weeks ago, we talked about the first step which involves figuring out how to work with your racing or clouded mind. Last week, I made suggestions for working with the overwhelming energy of the heart. This week, I share some thoughts about how heartbreak can introduce us to a deeper way of viewing life that leads to more vitality and a greater capacity to love.

Thoughts? I love to hear from you!

With love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Emma Golden

    Hi Susan this was very helpful to me. Over the last few months I have been coming to the realization that everything comes from love and everything is love, but often get afraid and lose confidence that I am capable of living up to this. Your statement that it would not be possible to feel this extreme love if one wasn’t capable of such love is very comforting. Thank you

  • Posted by:  Betsy Loeb

    Dear Susan, Thank you for your heart-felt words. My “heart-break” is the reality of growing old. Feeling a loss for what used to be and struggling with the positive side of being an “elder”. That being said, your words of heartbreak as “a way to wake-up” to what is true about being human & the opportunity to hold life with preciousness and live deeply is a teaching that I will continue to ponder and open my heart to that truth. Thank you once again. May you feel the love that so many of us gain from your teachings.

    • Posted by:  Lesly Bowers

      Thank you, Betsy. Until I read your comment I hadn’t realized that growing old with the losses that is bringing me is my heartache as well. The dharma – Susan’s and others teachings, and life itself – are all leading me to more and more “‘hold life with preciousness and live deeply” in the here and now. Bowing.

  • Posted by:  april

    Much gratitude for this teaching. It spoke to me on many levels. I suffered a shattering heartbreak a decade ago which awakened me to my embodiment of love & light. When I forget this truth of my pure energy, I feel hopeless and lost. When I re-member my true nature, I am home.

  • Posted by:  Susan Devillier

    Susan, I know exactly what you are saying, as what you describe has been my experience as well. Hearing the truth and realizing that it coincides with my observations gives me confidence in my own inner wisdom and further reassurance that I’m on the correct path (note: I already knew that…lol!). This was a brave talk……thank you…
    Betsy…..Lesly…..I understand where you are coming from as well…..gaining insight isn’t for the faint of heart!…..sending love…..S

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