How our practice can help with a broken heart (Part 2)

February 19, 2024   |   5 Comments

Audio only version is here
Meditation begins at 16:10

Dear, wonderful Open Heart Project,

I have three basic suggestions for how Buddhist wisdom can help with heartbreak. Last week we talked about the first step which involves figuring out how to work with your racing or clouded mind. This week, I make suggestions for working with the overwhelming energy of the heart which, when shattered or upset, overflows with heat and intensity. It turns out that these qualities, while in no way pleasant, have great utility for meeting your own pain and the pain of others with love.

I hope you will find this of benefit. Please let me know what you think–it is always so valuable to hear from you.

With love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Mary Lou Basham

    Can you share a link to the loving kindness meditation you mentioned? I’ve not been able to find it.
    Much appreciation for the weekly email. It makes a difference in my life.

  • Posted by:  Jane Bajgar

    Yes I too would be interested in the loving kindness link, thank you

  • Posted by:  diana plummer

    Thank you so much for the clarity presented in this video.
    I did not realize how powerful the energy of heartbreak is and also how it can be used as a healing tool to benefit not only myself but others also.
    Sending love.

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      You are so, so welcome, Diana. It is amazing to realize such things. xo S

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