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November 14, 2016   |   3 Comments

Hello, dear, brave warriors. I want to share with you a piece I wrote for Lion’s Roar on November 9, called “Don’t Bite the Hook: Five Things to Remember Post-Election.”

As a community of practitioners, now is the time to put our practice to work as the foundation for bravely standing up for what is right without losing a sense of connection to each other. No matter what. It is a very, very tall challenge. We can do it.

Here is an excerpt:

Reeling from the election news? Susan Piver offers five actions we can all take to “not bite the hook.” Read more Buddhist teachers responding to the news of Trump’s presidential win here.

Pema Chödrön famously introduced many of us to the notion of shenpa, which she defines as biting the hook.

When someone leaves us, we may bite the hook of grasping. When something unfair happens, we may bite the hook of rage. When we are disappointed, we may bite the hook of numbness. What would it look like to not bite the hook? What is non-shenpa?

If you ever had an interest in exploring this answer, now would be a great time to begin. A giant hook with a massive comb-over has just been lowered from bizarro-world. I don’t mean to make light or demean anyone for their political views, but, let’s face it, we have elected an inexperienced, vengeful person to office. Now what? Here are a few suggestions.

To read more, please click here. Love you.

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  • Posted by:  Annie

    Please fix the link to the article. Thank you!

    • Posted by:  Annie

      (link at bottom of post.)

      • Posted by:  Susan Piver

        Fixed! Thanks.

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