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Sample chapter from audiobook, "The Wisdom of a Broken Heart"

July 1, 2011   |   11 Comments

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 10.13.57 AM

Am putting finishing touches on the audiobook for The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. I’m really excited about it. Here is Chapter Two: “Nothing Happens” 6:16 minutes long.

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  • Posted by:  Dot Hall Hanlon

    Susan! This was compelling!! Anxious to read more, but, I am wondering if it’s on tape….listening was delightful.

  • Posted by:  Dot Hall Hanlon

    I see now that it’s an ‘audio book’. Lucky me!!

    • Posted by:  Susan

      The whole thing should be done in a few weeks…

      Glad you enjoyed the listen!

  • Posted by:  Katherine See Calacday

    My anxiety is different from the one in the book. But the way to handle it seem to be the same. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Posted by:  les

    I tried to purchase your audio book online but was unable to complete the checkout process

    • Posted by:  susan

      Let me check into this. Apologies for any confusion!

  • Posted by:  Linda

    Thank you sooo much for this (audio) book.
    Will start the program on Friday. Listened to the book in 2 days, the whole weekend! started meditating again. Found friends in music. Am ok with my sadness now. Feels like I found myself again. What you told in the book is what I am going through, exactly the same! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Looking forward starting the program on Friday!

    • Posted by:  susan

      Oh, Linda, thank you! I’m so glad the (audio)book was there for you when you needed it and I hope your program gives you all the strength and softness you need… Warmly, S

      • Posted by:  Linda

        The program has been difficult, especially writing the story of our relationship. I cried and cried and cried. I’m glad you wrote about crying in your book. Usually after meditating I felt sad too. Today I wrote the last part of our relationship … About the braking up. These days have been very intense.
        Thank you for your wishes.

        • Posted by:  susan

          Linda, this make so much sense. It can seem as if the tears will never stop…but they will. I admire your courage in completing this very, very difficult aspect of the program. I truly hope it will bring you all the healing you need. With love, Susan

  • Posted by:  erika Cruz

    Hi, I just purchased your audiobook via It instructs us to email you for a PDF form,where can I find this?

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