The Path to End Suffering: Step Two

October 29, 2023   |   6 Comments

Audio only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 11:58.

Hello, wonderful Open Heart Project. I hope you are well and enjoying this series of videos on foundational Buddhist teachings. Today’s talk is about the second step on the noble eightfold path: Right Intention.

Next video: Right Speech (my personal favorite)

Thoughts? Love to hear them.

Much love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Alison Carter

    This was so helpful, Susan. Thank you. So simple and obvious but it’s interesting how we forget these basics.
    I was turning over in my mind as I say down with you, how to approach a problem at work today, that I need to talk to a team about some behaviour that wasn’t great. I was worrying about not messing it up, and listening to you I realised that my concern had narrowed to being about me – how I can be better at my job etc. Just by expanding my view to focus again on how I can benefit the team and the company, and even the world, (which is the point of what I need to do) was such a simple and needed reminder.

  • Posted by:  Jane Deakin

    Just lovely as ever. I found the addition of the cat very heart warming 🙏

  • Posted by:  Betsy

    Dear Susan, The part that seemed especially helpful to me was at the end when you mentioned the link between sitting, letting go of our thoughts/emotions and coming back to the breath. That it’s in that gap that the seeds for “right intention” can be planted.
    Thank you once more for your teaching and your style of delivery…like you’re talking straight to me!
    With appreciation, betsy

  • Posted by:  Mary Amm

    I have listening and meditating with you many years
    Every time has been so beneficial
    Thank so much for doing this and not giving up this practice on the internet

  • Posted by:  Bonnie Wald

    thank you again

  • Posted by:  Colette

    Thank you Susan, I love the way you distil the teachings into succinct, clear and very relatable nuggets that really stick. Your reminder that right and wise intention is for the benefit of others including ourselves, helps delineate clear boundaries of conduct – I can’t be of use to others if I continually ignore my needs for self-care. This helps me make healthy and wise decisions more easily, and with more peace of mind. Compassion includes self-compassion, something we can easily forget. So thank you for your well-crafted and to-the-point teachings!!!

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