Start Here Now; Creating a Sustainable Meditation Practice: a podcast

November 17, 2014   |   2 Comments

“Start Here Now; Creating a Sustainable Meditation Practice” from Susan Piver’s talk at the New York  City Shambhala Center on November 11th, 2014.  Susan offers her tips for creating a meditation practice that is rewarding and realistic.










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  • Posted by:  venus john

    thankyou for another chapter from the bible of meditation..i liked the quotation from rumi’s poems..i had always thought of the poem,as a situation in which two lovers can’t unite in this life because of society or other things..and they hope o meet in heaven or a heaven like place out of this world..i never thought that the place could be one that you when to when when one meditates one goes to heaven..or a heaven like alos said that on eis agitated,one could make those feelings of agitation the focus of one’s attention while meditating..thats what I always do..until the agitation didintegrates to whenever I am agitated..i have to meditate..i never focus on my breath..doesn’t work for me..

    thanks again..

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      Glad you enjoyed and wishing you the best with your practice!

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