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September 15, 2015   |   11 Comments

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My new book is out today. I am honored to share it with you. Personally, I really, really like it. I’m so happy about it.

I woke up this morning at 5:30 wondering how the day would go, how I would feel about it all, (it’s such a vulnerable situation), and if the world would embrace it in any way. I was overwhelmed with hope and fear so I just tried to be that person–this writer girl person who loves the dharma and you and her teachers and writing, who was at this moment overwhelmed with hope and fear and was trying to sit with it, relax with it, feel it.

I sat down to write in my journal as the sun was coming up (wow, this is starting to sound very writerly and romantic) and out popped my own personal aspirations for sharing Start Here Now with the world:

May my teachers be proud of me and happy that I am their student.

May offering this book deepen my path of devotion and insight so that I may attain enlightenment on behalf of all beings.

May my offering be accepted.

May this book support our amazing Open Heart Project community to grow through the roof as a force for Basic Goodness.

May it contribute to the rising tide of sanity in this insane world.

May the lives of the gurus be long so that they may continue to provide us with wisdom and compassion.

As a warrior of Shambhala, I offer this book as my sword.

Then I had some breakfast.

It is a good life.

Love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Nathalie Desjacques

    Thanks for sharing how your morning was – I could totally see it. Hope and fear… trying to “sit with it, relax with it, feel it”… very inspiring to me.
    I am also hoping for a situation to improve, yet trying not to get caught by the storylines around it.
    I am a primary school teacher, starting the new school year with a group of children who face many difficulties (both affective and cognitive). There is a very tensed energy, which expresses in many conflicts. Warfare seems to be around all the time, included within me as I sometimes find myself struggling to bring some peace, in a rather paradoxical way… It’s a delicate balance to let go (releasing the will to control) and stay present at the same time. FEELING sometimes seems to be difficult as my mind wants to jump to conclusions about how to fix the problem, because the feeling itself seems to be so horrible from afar (not that terrible though once you start relaxing into it).
    The sentences of aspiration you wrote inspired me to write my own re. the current situation in my life and offer them every morning at the beginning of my meditation practice, as long as it makes sense to do so.

    Sending love to you and your book,


  • Posted by:  Sonia Chambers

    Hi Susan

    Thank you for writing your book, I was lucky enough to see you speak at camp GLP this year and purchased your book while there, I have read it and it is indeed the best book I have read on starting meditation, I had a consistent practice since completing my yoga teacher training last year in Nov then something happened and my practice got derailed. Your book made me realise its ok to come back and that in fact what had happened was normal. I wish I had had a chance to say hello at camp but did not get to, I have joined your Sangha and am looking forward to learning more from your wisdom. Kind regards and good luck with the book I think it will be a huge success because it is so simple yet full of insight.


  • Posted by:  Cathy

    Dear Susan, you are so courageous and daring to be vulnerable, to write a book. Thank you for sharing this guidance to meditation practice through this book. After daring to be vulnerable, it is time to feel the joy of good creation. 🙂

  • Posted by:  Steven Smith

    You are so awesome Dechen!

    What I love about you is that you can bare your heart so honestly to us

    In doing so I feel like you give us the ‘container’ and pathway to allow us to open and bare our hearts as well

    Your words and your book rings true and I feel it speaks directly to me about this sangha and this journey

    Thank you!

  • Posted by:  elizabeth

    hi susan,i like your teaching, iam from Tanzania, iam asking you , can i copy your teaching ,? i want to teach people here , iam just new in blogging, i have been practicing meditation for two months now, icertainly felt a sense of inner peace, balance and my life flowing without conflict. i like what you doing .

  • Hi Susan! I was at your talk, which I very much enjoyed, last evening at NHS. You signed my book at the end and I’m so looking forward to delving into it and learning more.

  • Posted by:  david mynchenberg

    Dear Susan,
    I am so looking forward to reading this book. I have been practicing for two years now thanks to the Open Heart Project and I really know already that this book will be a support. I am grateful to you and your teachers for being so friendly and experienced with meditation, and for helping others activate their own friendly qualities. Thank you so much.

  • Posted by:  Roland Leblanc

    About « May it contribute to the rising tide of sanity in this insane world. »

    May I suggest that within, we see in ourselves what can create harmony …

    Love Harmony and Peace to be with all human beings !

    Have a nice day !


  • Posted by:  Lana Davidovich

    Dear Susan,

    I am so fortunate to have discovered your book! Today is my Day 5 Medidation challenge with you! This practice has started to change so much in my life. I have anxiety and had occasional panick attacks. But because any doctor seem to only cure the symptoms and not the cause of the prolem, I decided to look deeper into myself. Through starting to mediate, I feel even the world around me is changing day by day. I can redirect myself into the present each time I feel drifting away in thoughts. It is not always easy but I enjoy working on it. My personal story is not easy but somehow just being with myself (and you in the video) makes me feel at home/grounded. I am going to serve in the Peace Corps in two months and I will continue practicing there with a bunch of books that you recommended. Susan, you have no idea how grateful I am to “have met you”! One day I will give you a hug at one of your events!


    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      I wish you well, Lana! I too am grateful to meet you. Sending love and appreciation. S.

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