Meditation is very boring. What am I doing wrong?

June 26, 2017   |   1 Comment


 Welcome to the Ask Susan podcast. This is episode #18. 

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I love, love, love this question from Paula. Thank you, Paula! She has been meditating for several years but still finds the practice to be boring. It’s uncomfortable. Should she exchange the breath for another object of meditation? She finds that midway through a practice session, she switches attention away from breath and does a body scan. Is that okay? (Spoiler alert: Boredom is not the problem…Paula is actually doing a fantastic job.)

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1 Comment

  • Posted by:  Suraj Nandan

    I appreciate your reply on Paula’s question, and please do not mind my reply on that, I don’t know Paula anyways but i can guarantee that when she started meditation then she had a clear picture in her mind that by practicing Meditation she would get something or would reach somewhere and after investing her almost 3 years she is still the same she has not reached anywhere also she has not attained anything and hence is the boredom, I can help her to get rid of this state of mind, and i would Love to share with you my experiences and something which i have attained from Meditation.

    with all due respect and love.

    Suraj Nandan

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