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Meditation Practice: 3 Steps into the Sacred

August 21, 2023   |   5 Comments

Audio-only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 11:59.

Dear Open Heart Project,

I know that meditation is counseled as a way to de-stress, develop greater powers of concentration, and get a better night’s sleep. All true! However, it is also a path to true, lasting joy. All we have to do, at least from time to time, is jump off the self-improvement treadmill to instead rest with ourselves exactly as we are. It turns out that this is the most expeditions route to freedom from suffering.

In this video, I share with you three very important (and simple) steps you can take to keep your meditation practice in the realm of true transformation rather than yet another self-improvement hack designed to make you feel inadequate.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts! How does your practice feel to you? Did self-improvement get you here (like so many of us)?

With appreciation and love, Susan

P.S. I’m hosting a meditation retreat in October where we will explore how Buddhism and the enneagram create the create the kind of magic that wakes us up to who we really are. Don’t sleep on this one! Spaces are limited. Find all the details here.

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  • Posted by:  Barbara Nelson

    You seem ro be such a nice, genuine person. Thank you.

  • Posted by:  Sarah B

    This was a lovely and inspiring talk before the meditation. Thank you!
    When asking for blessings, can the people you ask blessings from be dead or alive? Or must they be dead because otherwise how could you communicate with them on the spiritual plane? I know it’s a weird question with probably a very obvious answer.
    Thank you!

    • Posted by:  Sarah Lobb

      Hi Sarah B. – this is Sarah L. 🙂 I’ve heard Susan speak on this before and her words are best, but I can share how I understand her words. You can ask for blessings from anyone (perhaps anything?). She talks about your lineage, finding your lineage, and asking for their blessings – whether that be a lineage of singers, dog lovers, engineers, mothers, dancers, thinkers, etc. Your actual ancestors, a group of people – I think they can be dead or alive, or perhaps with a lineage, they would be both. Yours is a very cool question and I’m going to think about it more, too! <3

      • Posted by:  Sarah Lobb

        Okay… I wish I could delete this. She said this in her own words in the video above, which I am now listening to again. I got too excited because I was leaving my own comment. !

  • Posted by:  Sarah Lobb

    Self-help has only led to self-aggression for me! Thanks for helping me stay out of the self-help realm. <3

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