Magic is real. Here’s how I know: Part 2

March 31, 2024   |   6 Comments

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Hello, I hope you are well! Last week, I mentioned that there were three steps we could take to keep our practice firmly rooted in the realm of the spiritual–the mysterious, the sacred, the deeply personal–rather than the realm of self-help which can turn quite aggressive. Our practice is so powerful, but the real scope is glimpsed only when we can relax our self-criticism (which self-help is built on), even to some small degree.

The first step, as mentioned, was to make offerings. Today we look at the second step which is to request blessings. From whom or what? That is up to you. The more personal, the better. This is about your lineage. Your ancestors. Your longings. There are beings who have come before who embody what you now seek. To request their blessings (which is actually a very traditional thing to do) is to deepen your connection to them and the magic of true transformation.

Don’t take my word for this! Or anything! Please have a listen to this talk and then make up your own mind. That is of utmost importance.

Thoughts? I always love to hear them.

With love,

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  • Posted by:  Roberta Theriault

    This commentary was everything I needed in this moment, your voice was strong clear and instructive, it filed my understanding even further by emphasizing the personal rounding out the experience of your understanding and there by imparting your wisdom & knowledge to us.
    Love to you and all you do.

  • Posted by:  Hilary Ramp

    This series of talks has been so useful and meaningful to me. I had let my meditation practice slide, in part because I had unconsciously been approaching it as a self-help daily chore (ugh!). As soon as you started this series, it was like a lightning strike went off on my head that said YES THIS! This is the deeper underpinning I’ve been seeking without knowing it was what I was seeking. So thank you, truly, for this very meaningful way to deepen and frame my practice.

  • Posted by:  Kathy

    I needed this today. I guide college students in meditation, always feeling unworthy and untrained. You are one of my “teachers,” though we’ve never met. You’re now on my blessings list. And today, as I meditate with them, I’ll follow these “guidelines.”

    Thank you, always, for being a presence in the world.

  • Posted by:  KA Berggren

    Thank you for making these practices simple and relatable. They can be problematic for many who feel they have no lineage. The personal part is really important and not emphasized enough. So many people get teachings all over the place from various traditions, online and in books, in an impersonal way. You are fortunate to have had personal contact with teachers. Increasingly, I see the importance of that personal connection in my own practice.

  • Posted by:  Geri Modell

    So much food for thought. Thank you.

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      You are so welcome. <3 s

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