How to cultivate a consistent meditation practice

August 28, 2023   |   1 Comment

Audio only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 10:32

Hello, dear meditator. How are you? I hope you are well and feeling happy.

Basically everyone I have ever known finds it difficult to be consistent with their practice and, further, basically everyone thinks this is because they lack discipline. I suggest that this is probably not the issue. Before today’s sit, I explain what it may be.

Love, Susan

PS: If you’re seeking community to bolster your meditation practice, there are a variety of opportunities to receive support in the Open Heart Project through retreats (including this one about Buddhism and the Enneagram in Austin, TX this October), courses (like this one I’m teaching online with the luminous and brilliant Crystal Gandrud) and of course seated online meditation practices, special webinars and daily email guided meditations and more when you join the Open Heart Project sangha. All of our offerings are designed to serve everyone on their meditation journey. I hope to see you soon through any of these events.

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1 Comment

  • Posted by:  Lorna

    Thank you Susan for all you do for us. 💕❤️

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