I have a dream. What is yours?

January 16, 2012   |   18 Comments

I have a dream.

That one day, we will live in a world where we recognize all beings as one family.

I have a dream that on that day, when any one of my brothers or sisters, be they known to me or unknown, seen or unseen, animal or human, finds themselves in sorrow for any reason, a dark blossom will flower in my own heart and in yours and yours, until all of creation sways in the darkness of night, together, and together we sing the song of love.

I have a dream that when a brother or sister knows joy for any reason, I find myself also standing under that cascading waterfall and so do you and you and we are each refreshed, nourished, and cleansed by it together, and together we sing the song of love.

I dream that all beings of all the times in all realms have utterly open hearts and are thus capable of living in the great equanimity free from delusion, free from grasping, and free from hatred.

You have a dream.

What is it?

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  • Posted by:  Patti DeSante

    I have a dream of building 10 dream spaces around the world that recognize, and nurture the unique potential of each person and that each person then is fully resourced to contribute their unique offering for the benefit of all beings and the planet. I have a dream that this year we will begin the first building in Uganda with my dear friend Silas and his incredible journey with the Bavubuka Foundation that empowers one youth at a time through indigenous conscious hip hop.. May his dream of building a state of the art center that houses all of the creative projects; music, media, arts, women empowerment, sports and entrepreneurial endeavors that he has been in complete service to for several years in Kampala or Northern Uganda, Gulu come to absolute fruition and enactment and rivers of youth and families have a place where all are enable to fully express themselves, their culture and may the creative capital so critical to the well-being and self-determination of each community be fully developed.. As I journey together with Silas and other amazing young Diaspora members building dream spaces, may we move with joy, generosity, diligence, humility and wisdom to the next project in Kenya and onwards. I wanted to be specific because I believe in the power of diaspora development to provide an incredible bridge between cultural learning and the dream that you aspire to above Susan..which I too aspire to.. much love to all..Patti DeSante..
    and if anyone feels inspired Silas is in Uganda right now going to the villages and movin mts my friends..Check out mcflower..she is 7 years old and just kickin it..she is the future of Africa….JOURNEY ON THE TRUTH EXPRESS — IndieGoGo

  • Posted by:  Jalene Case

    I have a dream, too. I dream that each person creates a life that she truly wants to live and, by doing so, connects with other people from the deepest, truest place in her heart. We all listen to, and act on, the guidance of our inner voice and accept each other for who we are.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      I love that dream.

  • Posted by:  Joy

    What a fantastic, beautiful dream.

  • Posted by:  Dot Hall Hanlon

    I have a dream that ignorance is obliterated and we all see that the world is a beautiful place!

  • Posted by:  Lynn Fang

    I love your dream. I have a dream that we will live in harmony with the Earth and with each other as a global family, that we will pursue authenticity in all realms of life.

  • Posted by:  richard

    i know i am a Dreamer ~~~ i Know I’m not the only One

  • Posted by:  Eddie

    I dream that political leaders will stop the phoney posturing and find inner peace so they may begin working for the general welfare instead of special interests and their own party.

  • Posted by:  Katherine See Calacday

    My e-mail got the audio version of the talk but not the meditation. Your message inspires selflessness and compassion for every being on earth. Everything that happens begins with a thought. It would be a nice thought to happen. Hope your dream would come true.

  • Posted by:  Susan

    Love all your dreams…thanks so much for posting. Just saying them brings them a tiny step closer to us all.

  • Posted by:  kathleen

    Susan, your dream is beautiful. Reading it made me dream and hope for it too.
    I have dream that all beings will recognise and embrace and share the Love that is alive in each and every one of our hearts, so that the Earth and all who dwell on her are healed.

  • Posted by:  Ben

    I have a dream. I wish for all beings to see the Great Eastern Sun in their hearts.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      I share your dream exactly.

  • Posted by:  Susan

    Love this.

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