How do you get back to your writing?

September 5, 2011   |   2 Comments

It’s hard enough to get to your writing on a regular basis. How do you find the courage to return to it after an absence? Patti Digh, Jen Louden and I discuss and also give some info about our upcoming workshop.

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  • Posted by:  Garrett

    Thank you Susan, Patti and Jen for this video, all good insights, looking forward to meeting you later this month. Your suggestions on lost ideas reminded me of this Billy Collins poem, which is one way of dealing with the problem, Lines lost among trees I also like this 11-step strategy by Kimblerly George which focuses on the process and tells me to consider what generates energy within me and to keep the momentum going, and also to have tea, it is here:

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Thank you, Garrett! Looking forward to checking out the Collins poem and George strategy. V kind of you to provide links.

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