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Continuing the Open Heart Project

October 13, 2013   |   6 Comments

Dear excellent member of the Open Heart Project,

I hope your meditation practice is going well. I really enjoy helping you to bring more mindfulness and awareness into your life. I hope that comes across! It is truly a pleasure for me to send you meditation instruction.

Each week I create completely new meditation videos for you and, each time I do, I spend some time reflecting on my interactions with you to come up with a brief opening message that might support you further. We have discussed many things: how to work with depression, what to do when your foot falls asleep, how to find some peace in this crazy world, and, of course, whether or not it is really important to keep the eyes open while practicing! 😉 All of these videos (now close to 500) are freely available for you to use at any time.

I never expected the Open Heart Project to grow into a community of more than ten thousand meditators all over the world. Together, we are creating something ground breaking and amazing: a completely virtual meditation center that anyone, anywhere in the world can turn to for instruction. I feel that this is the work I’m meant to do and I’m grateful to you for the opportunity to do it. I am firmly committed to continuing this work and equally committed to offering it for free. I want anyone in the world who would like to learn to be able to do so. Why?

Because meditation helps you stay healthy.

It lessens the impact of stress.

It helps to deal with depression and other emotional setbacks.

It builds self-trust.

It affords us a space of peace in a very nutty world.

It opens our hearts…and I can think of nothing our world needs more than this.

To continue to grow and to build the Open Heart Project into the mindfulness resource I know it can be, I humbly request your support.

There are two ways you can help and they are equally important:

1. Make a donation in any amount by clicking the button below. I recommend $15-$20, but what is most important is for you to contribute something that makes you feel good. Consider it a gift to your own meditation practice and to the practice of your fellow practitioners across the globe.

2. If a financial donation is out of the question, I understand. I don’t want you to feel any pressure–but you can still help. It would be a great boon to me personally if you would email me and tell me about the impact meditation has had on your life. If you are benefitting, say so. It will strengthen my heart to know this. If you are struggling, say so. It will give me direction on what more I can offer to help.

In all cases, I am grateful to you.

Thank you for your practice!

With love, Susan


click here to offer your support:



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  • Posted by:  Leslie

    Hi Susan

    I was one that missed the first message. It is a pleasure to support this amazing Project that has brought me such peace and joy. Thanks again for this project and all the wonderful non-work 🙂 you do to make this world a better place. With love and light Leslie

    • Posted by:  susan

      Thank you so much for this kind vote of confidence, Leslie. It means a lot! With love, Susan

  • Posted by:  anneh

    Hey Susan – you are truly a blessing and an inspiration to me with your wonderful project. I have encouraged many of my friends and family to join with you in the 10 minute meditations and be assured your Open Heart Project is having a tremendous impact on the world…Thank you, thank you for your wonderful work. I know it’s not easy to keep up with many, many people who you have touched but your efforts to answer each and every email and comment is inspiring and truly appreciated. You are a gift. Anne

    • Posted by:  susan

      Anne, you are so kind to offer this feedback. It means a lot to me. THANK YOU. With love, Susan

  • Posted by:  anneh

    Oh, and thanks for today’s meditation on why we keep our eyes open during meditation – it makes total sense although not always easy to do!

    • Posted by:  susan

      Glad! And agreed…but it gets easier over time…

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