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Loving Kindness: An Unexpected Way to Pacify Heartbreak

June 10, 2010   |   12 Comments

(Photo: Vanessa Pike-Russell’s Flickr photostream) When your heart is broken or you’re otherwise dealing with strong painful emotions, the idea of feeling genuine loving kindness for anyone can seem far-fetched, much less yourself or the one who broke your heart. Loving kindness is soft and gentle, but your heart feels cold and numb or enflamed with rage—not loving at all.... READ MORE

There is a way to write that solidifies story lines–and a way to write that liberates you from them.

June 8, 2010   |   8 Comments

I and Twitter pals Hiro Boga (@hiroboga), Mahala Mazerov (@luminousheart), and Jennifer Louden (@jenlouden) all wrote on the same topic today: The process of writing. For a kaleidoscopic view of this issue (storytelling vs truth telling), check them out. Hiro Boga: Tsunamis in the House of Wholeness Jennifer Louden: How to Be a Writer Who Loves the Gap Mahala Mazerov:... READ MORE

New Dimensions interview available as free download

May 1, 2010   |   Leave a reply

The “short form” of my New Dimensions Café interview is now available for listening and downloading for FREE on the New Dimensions website. From their website: Program Description: “Love is the least safe thing there is. It’s fierce. You can’t domesticate it. It’s wild. When you find it you should rejoice. When you lose it you should grieve.” So says... READ MORE

Buddhism and Relationships: 3 Stages to Heal a Broken Heart

April 28, 2010   |   233 Comments

(handy for working with strong emotions in general) Nothing feels worse than a broken heart, the kind you get when someone you love ends the relationship. Feelings of shame, remorse, grief, rage, and terror can overwhelm even the most stable human being. Heartbreak has the power to reframe a workable life as a disaster. Surprisingly, Buddhism has a tremendous amount... READ MORE

Talking bout love + some stuff I saw today

January 19, 2010   |   4 Comments

Downtown Wichita in the rain Beautiful & flat Completely strange shopping mall with some kind of play area with gorilla. I cannot figure this out. But thought the gorilla looked pretty cool coming through the mist. Gorilla in the mist, Kansas-stylee. Drive became extremely foggy at one point. Kind of cool. Prairie moonscape. Mountains rising up on the road to... READ MORE

A Stay Better Better

January 14, 2010   |   2 Comments

Video interview from the road with the beautiful Erielle. She discusses her broken heart and what helped her to find a way to stay better.

"View from the Bay" TV appearance, 12/15

December 17, 2008   |   10 Comments

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! Have been toooo busy. I hate being busy. But between consulting work, revising new book, and hair appointments, haven’t had a moment. A consulting gig has been taking me to the Bay Area every 10 days or so and while last there was on a local ABC show, discussing “The Hard Questions: 100... READ MORE

The Stages of Heartbreak

October 1, 2008   |   3 Comments

My friend Sarah ingeniously outlines them this way. Check out her blog for more such Sarah-ness. Here are the phases as I see it… 1) The Break-up/Emotional Thrombosis/International Freak-out Whatever, that’s like a month to 6 weeks of hell, panic, devastation. All you have to do is survive and lean on your friends and family as much as possible. I... READ MORE

Wedding Poem

September 2, 2008   |   Leave a reply

Photo by Ming My beautiful friend Dana got married to the excellent Saxon and she asked me to say something during the ceremony. What could be a greater honor? And what can one possible say to mark something as momentously insanse and fabulous as getting married? Here is the poem I wrote: For you, under an open sky without beginning... READ MORE