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Thrilled to have been interviewed for Susannah Conway's blog

February 16, 2011   |   2 Comments

Susannah is a photographer, writer, and teacher. Her creations are an organic expression of her heart rather; a true artist. It was a pleasure to meet her in person a few months ago and now connect our worlds through this lovely and fun interview about creativity. Please enjoy! Click on her logo to read. OR Interview here!

John Cleese's advice for nurturing creativity

January 21, 2011   |   2 Comments

Well worth watching. A wonderful explanation of, among other things, what we in Shambhala Buddhism call “Container Principle,” the view that the environment you find yourself in informs your experience just as much as the other way around.

Fun podcast interview with Ethan Nichtern

September 29, 2010   |   Leave a reply

Ethan Nichtern, founder of the awesome Interdependence Project, interviewed me for his podcast. Topics: finding the path, relationships and the lack of Buddhist teachings on them, creativity, and more. I loved talking to Ethan. Check out his book. One City. Here is the interview. Enjoy!

There is a way to write that solidifies story lines–and a way to write that liberates you from them.

June 8, 2010   |   8 Comments

I and Twitter pals Hiro Boga (@hiroboga), Mahala Mazerov (@luminousheart), and Jennifer Louden (@jenlouden) all wrote on the same topic today: The process of writing. For a kaleidoscopic view of this issue (storytelling vs truth telling), check them out. Hiro Boga: Tsunamis in the House of Wholeness Jennifer Louden: How to Be a Writer Who Loves the Gap Mahala Mazerov:... READ MORE

Talking w @JenLouden…

February 8, 2010   |   5 Comments

While I stayed at Jennifer Louden’s house, we talked about heartbreak, writing, and teaching. Plus she and Bob cooked for me and let me do laundry. It was awesome. Untitled from jennifer louden on Vimeo.

The Strange Habits of a Writer (this writer)

September 5, 2008   |   3 Comments

I can write to the ambient noise of a coffee shop, but not to music. I prefer to write when other people are sleeping. I like to write on holidays like Christmas and the 4th of July. Something about feeling that the rest of the world is otherwise engaged helps me. Hard as I try, I cannot, cannot, CANNOT write... READ MORE

What it's like to write

August 3, 2008   |   1 Comment

This from Philip Pullman, author of “His Dark Materials” trilogy, which I love. To read the whole interview, click here. Thank you, Mr. Pullman. Very clear and wonderful. I especially like this: Then I read it all again and think it’s horrible, and get very depressed. That’s one of the things you have to put up with. I hear that.... READ MORE

Halfway Home

July 29, 2008   |   8 Comments

So I can’t believe it, but I’m halfway through my sojourn in the clouds. I feel so sad and happy about this. Of course, almost nothing turned out the way I thought it would, but it has been a momentous time nonetheless. I’m still not sure why. Let me see if I can recount some possibilities. From a spiritual practice... READ MORE

Day Seven

July 17, 2008   |   11 Comments

This is the 7th day of writing/meditation retreat. Things are beginning to get interesting. Last night, I drove the 10 miles to Shambhala Mountain Center to hear Sakyong Mipham give a talk and in-depth meditation instruction. It was wonderful to see him, beyond wonderful, indescribable. Anyone who has had the great fortune to find a spiritual teacher, the teacher for... READ MORE

Where am I?

July 15, 2008   |   5 Comments

Somehow I’ve ended up house sitting in Shangri-la, up in the clouds, surrounded by quiet. This house is a gift, a blessing, a treasure. It is absolutely beautiful on the inside, but the killer beauty is just outside. The house is situated all alone looking directly out onto the front range of the Rockies which appear soft and distant and... READ MORE

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