Buddhism, writing, fearlessness, and geekiness: Pt. 1

May 12, 2008   |   6 Comments

Interview with Ryan Oelke and Vince Horn, the Buddhist Geeks. Thanks guys! Great talking with you. Love your show.

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  • Posted by:  Phil Menger

    I was intrigued by your comment in your daily life you struggled to meditate for 20 minutes and write 500 words. At the retreat you found you were able to practice meditation for 6 hours and write thousands of word (in that wonderful span of four hours you were granted from 11-3). My questions are two: 1)did you find what you wrote relevant, usable? 2)once you got back into your daily life did you radically alter your routine?

  • Posted by:  susan

    Hi Phil. 1. Yes, what I wrote was absolutely, positively relevant. 2. No, I did not radically alter my routine, but I did alter it somewhat. To this day, I continue to do much shorter versions of what I did on retreat: wake up, write 3 pages longhand, stream of consciousness/”morning pages,” eat breakfast, practice meditation, write. Except on those days when life gets the better of me, which are not infrequent. Still, this routine, for me, is the ticket.

  • Posted by:  Carol Statella

    What *I* want to know, is where do these Buddhist geeks get all of their cool specs?

    Seriously though, thanks for the searching conversation. As I divest of certain “things” to create space for meditation and incubation, it’s really helpful to hear about the processes of others.

  • Posted by:  susan

    Glad you liked the conversation. The Buddhist Geeks were fun to talk to! Look for part 2. Will be posting in a day or two. All best!

  • Posted by:  ethan

    Gonna go listen right now!

  • Posted by:  susan

    Ethan, enjoy!

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