9 lies we tell without knowing they're lies

June 20, 2007   |   1 Comment

predictable self-deceptions
their consequences
and antidotes

there are 9 of each

I am right.
Everyone else wrong.
I trust that things are righter than I can ever know.

I am needed.
So you better treat me right.
I give without agenda.

I am important.
I will overwhelm you with my credentials.
I have no need to spread propaganda about myself.

I am special.
Life will never live up to me.
I’m happy to be an ordinary person.

I have studied the situation thoroughly.
So leave me alone.
I trust the right knowledge to come to me at the right time.

I am secure.
As long as I don’t take any chances.
I believe that when I leap, the net will appear.

I have no problems
And therefore, no interest in yours.
It’s okay to cry and be hopeless sometimes.

I’m in charge.
Of you, so you better do what I say.

I offer my power to others for their protection.

I love everyone and everyone loves me.
So it’s time to relax with the remote and a beer.
I have fearless belief in myself and work hard on my own agenda.

The enneagram has endless wisdom, from which I’ve drawn to write what’s above. As I was typing it, I noticed that taken together, the 9 blue statements make a pretty good all-purpose creed.

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  • Posted by:  TechStrategist

    this is great stuff. I love your book.

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