7 Qualities of the Dharmic Person: Part 7

March 13, 2023   |   3 Comments

Audio-only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 13:36.

Dear Open Heart Project,

Today we wrap up this video series: The Seven Qualities of the Dharmic Person. The first quality, passionlessness, was discussed here. The second, contentment, can be found here. The third, fewer activities, is here, the fourth, good conduct, is here, and the fifth, awareness of the teacher is here. The sixth quality of propagating prajna (or wisdom) can be found here.

Now we explore the seventh quality, “attitude of goodness.” What could this possibly mean during this very uncertain time? Please know that it has nothing to do with “thinking positively” (not that there is anything wrong with that) or denying whatever sorrows or confusions you may experience. All of it can be included in this 7th quality of dharmic person.

This concludes our series, but have no fear! You’ll hear from me next week with more thoughts on how to create a more sane world for ourselves and those we love. Not to mention, everyone else.

Thoughts? Always love to hear them!

Love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  Shiwa Chotso

    I love this series, especially that these qualities are not achievements to be ticked off, but that they arise. The quality of goodness for me has always had a sense of soundness and wholeness – that avoids the whiff of judgment around *good*. Part of contemplation in my experience has been first of all paying attention (part of hearing), then allowing what is heard to percolate, without any special effort, through my experience. Without grasping, just letting the truth become part of me. Much gratitude for your continued transmission of not only knowledge, but caring.

  • Posted by:  Kevin J Waters

    Thank you Susan for the always Important Explainations of the Qualities of a “Dharmic Person” Through Many years of Recovery Work, (12 step), One was always told to Maintain an Atitude of Goodness, &, Graditude”! What is Goodness, Well it’s probally easier to say What it’s not! It’s not Letting Yourself be a Carpet for others. For me it Developed into Listening, taking a “Pause” to understand Goodness in myself, and using that to reflect in as much of a non Judgemental way as Possible, The Goodness of Those Around Me. Of course this has changed as I’ve Growen my Practice of Mindfulness, &, Awareness. The More I’ve Dived into The Being That is Kevin, The more this Mirror / Reflection has Evolved, seeing the Goodness or Not in myself , Reflected in Others !!! thank you , Namaste

  • Posted by:  Lisa Harris

    Thank you Susan!

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