7 Qualities of the Dharmic Person: Part 6

March 6, 2023   |   Leave a reply

Audio-only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 13:15.

Dear Open Heart Project,

I’m so glad you are signed up for this video series: The Seven Qualities of the Dharmic Person. The first quality, passionlessness, was discussed here. The second, contentment, can be found here. The third, fewer activities, is here, the fourth, good conduct, is here, and the fifth, awareness of the teacher is here.

Today we explore the sixth quality, propagating prajna (or wisdom). In this short video, I share some ideas about the meaning of true wisdom and how your ability to manifest and share it is not something you even have to try to come by…the capacity arises naturally from our meditation practice itself.

Quick reminder: don’t take my word for this (or anything)! Have a listen, investigate these ideas, test them in your life and, then, what you find to be true is now your own wisdom. What you cannot corroborate, you can leave behind. After all, your own mind is the true teacher. And with that, I have just given away the whole secret of where true prajna resides.

Thoughts? Always love to hear them!

Love, Susan

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