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The Four Immeasurables

September 18, 2017   |   4 Comments

The meditation begins at 8:47
Audio-only version can be downloaded here.

Hello to everyone in the Open Heart Project.

I am so happy we can practice together. Before this week’s sit, I offer you some thoughts on the four qualities that, according to Buddhist thought, you possess in immeasurable quantity: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. In this video, I talk about what this all means and how you can remain connected to your tender and fierce heart no matter what difficulties you encounter.

What do you think about this? Your reactions are always of great interest.

With love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  J'aime

    I enjoy it when your cat visits the videos. 🙂

  • Posted by:  Mary Esther Rohman

    I feel honored to be part of the OHP. I don’t always have the time to be involved as much as I’d like, but I’d rather really be there for what I watch and participate in then to be distracted and edgy. I had a close call. I was in CO from September 8-12 and was going to stay and attend your retreat. Then I decided it would be too much. Thank heavens for that. I got wicked altitude sickness for the first time ever and was sick as a dog the whole time. In fact my asthma has not given me a moments peace since I returned home and I have a doctor’s appointment in a few hours to check me out. My oxygen level was in the 70’s at one point during my trip. Not fun. Hope the retreat was wonderful. I’d like to hear about it from someone.

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      You made the right choice to go home, although we missed having you here! The retreat was very special and we are planning to repeat it next year. Please be well!

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We have so much to share with you.

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