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Meditation Question 3: Eyes Open?

January 28, 2020   |   Leave a reply

I’m happy to answer your questions about meditation and spiritual practice. This question comes from Mary Lee who asks, “I know I am not alone in having trouble keeping my eyes open during meditation and I do want to do it correctly. I do a lot of Yoda Nidra and body scans and they are done with eyes closed. Any... READ MORE

Meditation Question 2: Meditation and panic attacks? Can it help?

January 15, 2020   |   Leave a reply

I’m so happy to discuss your questions about meditation and spirituality. If you want to ask one, let me know in comments. I will do what I can to help. This question is from Faith, who asks: I have a history of anxiety and moderate to severe panic attacks. Anything you can offer to assist with these feelings would be... READ MORE

Meditation Question 1: Anxious Moments

January 10, 2020   |   Leave a reply

This week’s question is from Roxana: “Can you provide meditations on how to obtain tranquility/calmness/serenity in anxious moments.” . If you’d like me to answer your questions about meditation, please email your question to me. xo Susan