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The Buddhist Enneagram Book Cover

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The Buddhist Enneagram: Nine Paths to Warriorship

With wisdom, creativity, and artistry, Susan Piver brings a Buddhist lens to the spiritual map of the enneagram. The results are vibrant and nourishing; a banquet of insights that help us transmute our difficult emotions into pure expressions of our basic goodness.

–Tara Brach, Author of Radical Acceptance and Trusting the Gold


Simplicity is peaceful

January 30, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 3:17 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project. When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure what I should pay attention to first. The problems of the world? My practice? My giant to-do list? The more I tried to figure it out, the more anxious I became…until I realized that all I wanted... READ MORE

Protect your peace of mind.

January 23, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 5:18 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project. Welcome to a new week! It has been quite a week here in the United States and elsewhere. There has been an upwelling of concern for others, rejection of hatred, and a longing for peace, justice, and tolerance. No matter what your political beliefs, I am... READ MORE

Simplicity is fuel

January 16, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 3:15 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project. Welcome to a new week! I hope that, no matter how great last week was, this week will be better. Before today’s 10-minute sit, I offer a few thoughts on how to expedite the meditative process. Spoiler alert: it’s not about doing anything. This month, I’ve... READ MORE

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017   |   Leave a reply

The meditation begins at 4:28 Audio only version is here. Hello, Open Heart Project. As I write this, it is just about 8:00 a.m. on January 1. Happy new year! A new day is here. May it be peaceful, loving, and fiercely wise. May 2017 be the best year of your life, exceeded only by 2018… The focus of this... READ MORE

I commit to you.

December 3, 2016   |   2 Comments

From the November 21 Open Heart Project newsletter, some resources for those who may be struggling with fear and confusion post-election. Hello dear meditators. This week’s newsletter is a little different because this last week in the USA has been, um, a little different. I have heard from so many of you who are confused, fearful, sad, and/or angry about... READ MORE

The healing power of compassion.

November 14, 2016   |   3 Comments

Hello, dear, brave warriors. I want to share with you a piece I wrote for Lion’s Roar on November 9, called “Don’t Bite the Hook: Five Things to Remember Post-Election.” As a community of practitioners, now is the time to put our practice to work as the foundation for bravely standing up for what is right without losing a sense... READ MORE

Some thoughts before today’s US elections

November 7, 2016   |   9 Comments

One could say that many of the world’s ills are rooted in fear. This is a pretty ordinary observation. If you watch a scary movie at night, you hear the noises in your home as ominous. If you don’t, they aren’t. Fear changes the way we perceive the world around us. On this day just prior to our election in... READ MORE

Mourning Robin Williams

August 14, 2014   |   6 Comments

So many of us are sad at the death of the actor and comedian Robin Williams. To watch him perform was to witness an extreme display of life force. It seemed inexhaustible. It is shocking that someone that funny and that gifted would want to die. But there is something that exists at the root of humor and creativity that... READ MORE

Continuing the Open Heart Project

October 13, 2013   |   6 Comments

Dear excellent member of the Open Heart Project, I hope your meditation practice is going well. I really enjoy helping you to bring more mindfulness and awareness into your life. I hope that comes across! It is truly a pleasure for me to send you meditation instruction. Each week I create completely new meditation videos for you and, each time... READ MORE

The Dharma of Love: a podcast

July 31, 2013   |   2 Comments

Hello and welcome to the first Open Heart Project podcast! Personally, I’m very psyched. The first topic is: “The Dharma of Love.” To listen and subscribe on iTunes, click here. This podcast is about falling in love, being in a relationship, and breaking up—from a Buddhist point of view. As a student of Buddhism and someone who has fallen in love, lost love,... READ MORE

On Connecticut

December 15, 2012   |   Leave a reply

It is almost impossible, no, it is impossible, to have any idea how to react to a tragedy as profound and senseless as the one that occurred today at an elementary school in Connecticut. It is impossible to grasp. I’m sure that, like me, many of you have been crying all day. An event this horrific causes us to see that all... READ MORE

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