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Is writing an egotistical act?

July 8, 2015   |   2 Comments

I recently saw this question: Does anyone of you write morning pages? With Sokuzan Brown‘s talk today (in the Daily Dharma Gathering) I thought about the observing of the I and I was wondering if it is an act of holding on to the ego to constantly make I-statements in the free-writing. Generally, I would be interested what others think of journaling in connection to meditation.... READ MORE

Rediscovering basic goodness

June 10, 2015   |   2 Comments

I just finished teaching an Open Heart retreat in beautiful Dechen Choling which is situated in rural south-central France, near Limoges. The beauty here reminds me of what the world felt like when I was a kid in summertime:  Verdant, lush, quiet, warm…all you want to do is be outside. These words are misleadingly prosaic… But when you arrive here... READ MORE

How do Buddhists respond to violence?

April 28, 2015   |   8 Comments

I was teaching a workshop in Baltimore this past weekend, just as the rioting and agitation of the protests was ramping up. We all felt frozen. One of the students brought up this question—what are we supposed to do? What, as non-violent people, do we do when faced with violence, including our own? She was enraged at everyone. Enraged at... READ MORE

Transforming Betrayal and Non-Closure

March 25, 2015   |   3 Comments

I wanted to use today’s email to respond to a post (on our Facebook page) from Barba Twin regarding anger and forgiveness. In it, she describes a situation that many of you may be familiar with: a relationship that has ended with no opportunity for closure. The person seeking it is then left on his or her own to find... READ MORE

En respuesta a la Violencia y a la Locura (Una perspectiva Budista)

January 11, 2015   |   2 Comments

Translation courtesy of Yolanda Andrade. Tal vez han visto las noticias donde hombres armados abrieron fuego en las oficinas de la “revista satírica” Charlie Hebdo, publicación francesa que en el pasado ha enfurecido a los extremistas islámicos. 12 personas, incluyendo el famoso caricaturista francés, fueron asesinadas. Pensé que era un chiste, No lo es. Nada puede mejorar lo sucedido. No hay explicación... READ MORE

Responding to Violence and Insanity (one Buddhist’s perspective)

January 7, 2015   |   85 Comments

              Perhaps you have seen the news today that gunmen opened fire on the offices of the “satirical magazine” Charlie Hebdo, a publication in Paris, France that has in the past angered Islamist extremists. Up to 12 people, including famous French cartoonists, were killed. I thought it was a joke. It is not. Nothing... READ MORE

The Dharma of Depression: a podcast

August 11, 2014   |   3 Comments

In this podcast, drawn from a talk in the Spring of 2014 at the New York Shambhala Center, Susan discusses the intelligence of depression, how to differentiate depression from sadness, and how depression can become a part of your spiritual path.

Indestructible Goodness

June 18, 2014   |   4 Comments

                          There is such a thing as goodness. It is alive. It is intact. Nothing we do can destroy it. By goodness, I don’t mean the opposite of badness, exactly. I certainly don’t mean anything sentimental, saccharine…soulless. Ew. Goodness is not goody-goody or cute. The earth is good.... READ MORE

Is it good or bad to have a big ego?

January 30, 2014   |   10 Comments

As a Buddhist teacher and someone with a lifelong interest in spirituality, I have attended my share of, well, interesting gatherings. From months-long meditation retreats where the vast and profound dharma is practiced, to sweaty evenings of devotional chanting, to workshops on using Sacred Geometry to attract love, to cocktail parties where sage is burned to prevent hangovers, to business... READ MORE