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Thank you so much for purchasing Start Here Now. I hope that these resources below (for the 7-Day Meditation Challenge and creating a home meditation group) are useful. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or share reflections.

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The Seven-Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome Video

An audio version is here

Day #1

An audio version is here

Day #2

An audio version is here

Day #3

An audio version is here

Day #4

An audio version is here

Day #5

An audio version is here

Day #6

An audio version is here

Day #7

An audio version is here


Create a Meditation Group at Home

Meditation instructional video for use at your first gathering

An audio version is here

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


Appendix B

Appendix C


  • Posted by:  BH

    Please tell me what is the main focus principle of your meditation, and what do you primarily do with your mind when one is meditating. Is the meditation principle that one keeps their eyes wide open, and stare at one particular spot ? I am not sure what the one main primary meditation principle is.

  • Posted by:  Alexander Elbittar

    Thank you very much. I enjoy a lot your 7 day program.

  • Posted by:  Luisa Rangel

    Meditation 1 is pretty close to Kaya sthairyam. Thank you!

  • Posted by:  Alma

    I have been meditating for several years, but never with eyes open. I just did the Day One Meditation with eyes open and it was great.

    Thank you very much Susan Piver. I had stopped meditating regularly and your audiobook ‘Start Here Now’ appeared at a great time in my life. Thank you for making it and your audio/video sitting instructions so easy to go along with.


  • Posted by:  Alma

    I’m feeling really good about “sitting” in meditation with Susan Piver’s guidance. Im thinking that after these initial seven days, I will join the Open Heart Project online meditation community. Why? Because I desire community, engaging with people who are involved with daily meditation and enjoying it.


  • Posted by:  Alma

    Day 5, Today’s practice did not go well. I was more frequently distracted by thoughts about various unimportant things and issues than ever before. I returned to the breath each time and did not get upset. I will continue to practice daily meditation.


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