This little mind-trick can help you when you’re triggered by others’ craziness

October 21, 2019 | 14 Comments

The meditation begins at 4:45
Audio only version is here.

Hello, excellent Open Heart Project. This is the first brand new video I’ve made in a little while. There are a few reasons for this: 1. I have been working really hard on 2020 plans for the OHP.  Very excited to share them with you soon. 2. I am writing a new book. About the enneagram! 3. I have been feeling…weird. (Low? Sad? Not sure what to call it.)

The first two reasons are totally accurate, but something has been happening to me in the last little while. I have not been feeling 100% like myself. I think I might be in a creative transition of some kind, like when you’re moving from one way of being in the world to another. I think it’s a good thing! One never knows. In any case, I feel steadier and am excited to share this new video with you. The second I sat down to make this it, I realized how much I had been missing communicating with you in this way. I welcome myself back! Mwah!

Before this week’s sit, I share with you a suggestion I made to a friend who was about to attend a family gathering. He had mixed feelings. He loves some of them a lot while others irritate the cr*p out of him. No matter how tough a talking-to he gives himself about being patient and kind, at some point he gets dragged into a pit of judgment and criticism. I gave him an idea for working with his mind during such moments. I spoke to him after the gathering and he said it helped! So, yay for that. Before this week’s sit, I share that suggestion with you, knowing that as meditators you will understand exactly what I am saying.

Let me know if you try this little mental trick. I always love hearing from you.

Love, Susan


  • Posted by:  Karen Swanson

    oh my, Susan! I LOVE this little mind trick! thank you thank you thank you – SO many uses for it (in this particular mind!!!) even when I am the one triggering myself. . . “give your energy to love” – YES! xox

  • Posted by:  Bernie

    Hi Susan, Good to have you back with new guidance. Liked your suggestion and will give it a try. I have to share my amusement that you use “friggin'” and “bullshit”, to which I have zero objection, but write “cr*p” in the text.

  • Posted by:  June S

    Hi Susan, thanks so much for the video – as always. You really brighten my day. I can give a LOT of energy to people that are annoying me so I will try this advice next time. Also, I’ve signed up for the Fearless Creativity online course at the weekend and just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to it! Much love from the UK.

  • Posted by:  Kevin J Waters

    Hi Susan, Great to be with you this morning ! In my mind’s “Eye” that was a “Great Suggestion” A Long while ago, in “Early Recovery” A similar suggestion, ( a short prayer,&, those who don’t pray, a wish, or thought that they may be on the receiving end of “Some Kindness”) In my life it’s “Amazing” how much I’ve learned from others, with an “Open Mind” That Learning also Includes for me sometimes taking the time to “Sit” …. Look into “What’s going on with me, because I know when I’m “Out of Balance” That Sense of uneasiness, Is Frequently answered, or made “Clearer to me ” Works for me ….. A lot ……. Peace

  • Posted by:  Elizabeth Layton

    Thank you so much for this idea, Susan. I am looking forward to trying this out. Giving energy to LOVE feels good!
    Blessings to You

  • Posted by:  janet

    I’m intrigued by this idea and can’t wait to try it as I navigate my way through the family thicket at our next gathering. I’ve tried various approaches but this one is fresh and new. I’m pretty sure I’ll be gifted with a number of opportunities to practice this in an event coming up in the near future. Thank you!

  • Posted by:  M.A.

    I really love it that when you think something is bullshit, you just come right out and say that, no apologies or getting precious about it. It feels honest to me, and makes you feel more trustworthy. (I’ve been saying “frack” instead of that other F-word; I think it’s actually much more obscene even though it’s not “officially” an obscenity.)

    I’m eager to try your suggestion about dealing with crazy-making people, and I’ll bet I get plenty of chances!

  • Posted by:  Lin Oakerson

    Susan – Thank you for this excellent idea. It occurs to me that I will use this technique to stop myself when I’m the one creating BS/tension or irritation in the room by my words or actions. Your suggestion invites me to stop for a moment and redirect the energy from a negative state to a positive one by focusing on the love in the room and one specific individual who exemplifies that love.

  • Posted by:  Marina

    It helps me when I first think “I love myself”.

  • Posted by:  Helen petriccione

    I love you, and I love your cat! Thank you so much for doing what do. You are so authentic, and what you offer is more meaningful than you know.

  • Posted by:  Molly

    I’m always amazed at how the Universe provides us with just what we need at just the right time… I wrote in my journal yesterday about my struggles with a particular family member & my guilt about the negative feelings I have toward her. Listening to you today gives me hope that I can deal with this situation in a more positive, loving manner. I also liked Kevin’s suggestion about saying a little prayer or wish for kindness… we learn so much from each other…
    Thank you

  • Posted by:  Pamela Nesbit

    In beauty and love may it be. There is always room for loving kindness.

    In loving kindness and gratitude may it be.

  • Posted by:  Carol

    Hello Susan from Sth Australia!
    As an ashamedly intermittent mediator, I SO appreciate your weekly opportunity to join in with your clear and simple guidance….
    Thank you so much for this valuable and accessible gift …
    Blessings to you 🤗🌷

  • Posted by:  JW

    Hi Susan!
    I love your posts and often recommend you to others.
    This one resonates as I am aware of one person in my life who I become irritated/frustrated with. I love this person very, very much and will miss them very, very much when they die (presuming they die before me!)
    I’m going to try your love trick when I next spend time with them.
    Thanks for all you do and your lovely sense of humour and down to Earth approach!
    with loving hugs,

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