The best gift you can ever receive.

December 25, 2017 | 17 Comments
The meditation begins at 6:15.
Audio only version is here.


Hello, dear Open Heart Project community. I wish you happy holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Hannukah, Kwanzaa…whatever your holiday may be. This is a season of gift-giving, which is lovely. In today’s email, I ask you to offer to yourself what I think is the most important gift of all. It has the power to restore happiness, generate compassion, and create peace. It is no small trinket! I wish I could give it to you, but this gift can only be given by you, to you.

Please make comments below, if you feel so moved.

With love and respect, Susan


  • Posted by:  Deirdre McKeown

    Bless you Susan. I woke before 5 am this morning, went happily to the computer without knowing why. I found your peaceful blessings and practise, and am so deeply grateful. An inner happiness woke with the meditation, and a deeper understanding of what someone told me years ago, about being afraid of myself. As I sat today I was so present to the peace in my own heart. Deep gratitude and wishes for peace in your heart, your mind, your body, and the world.

    • Posted by:  Kyle Wasserman

      So glad to hear you find peace!!! Merry Christmas ?? ?


      • Posted by:  Susan Piver

        Happy holidays, Kyle!! Hope you are having a great, peaceful, fun time. Love, Susan

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      Deirdre, how lovely for me to wake up and read this message. It makes me very happy. Sending love you! Susan

  • Posted by:  Lauri-Jo

    I always love the time spent with you while practicing meditation and listening to your words of wisdom. And today I learned a lot about being a warrior and being kind to yourself. This Christmas morning meditation was so meaningful that in the spirit of giving I sent it along to my very good friend. Thank-you.

    • Posted by:  Kyle Wasserman

      So awesome! I would love it if a friend shared this awesome video with me ?


    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      So delighted to hear it, thanks Lauri-Jo! May our practice bring peace to you, your friends, your world. <3 S

  • Posted by:  Anett

    The best gift you can ever receive, was now – you!

    This gentle smile, your teaching kind voice, practice today – now♥️♥️♥️ yes this is the most beautiful Christmas gift I received.Thank you Susan for being there every day♥️

    Yesterday there was a warm glow in the room when the elder lady’s where listen and singing a song from Heinje 60years ago a teen singing star… Wish you and your loved ones all the best. Hope you are well♥️

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      And you, Anett! <3 S

  • Posted by:  Horacio

    Thank you for being you, truthful, natural, with a pure mind and an open heart…besides… you are such a shaine meidale!

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      And thank you for practicing it all with me. Gracias and todah! Susan

  • Posted by:  Nadia

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for yet another wonderful, amazing, uplifting, refreshing guided meditation. I really enjoy listening to the different subjects you speak about each time. Also very much enjoy the guided meditation: the way you break it down and simplify things.
    You are the light that shines in this world.
    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones and thank you for this blessing.
    May you be blessed in return.

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      Nadia, how lovely to read these words. They are a gift to me, thank you so much. Very, very glad we can practice together. <3 S

  • Posted by:  Marlis

    Oh Susan! This was exactly what I needed right now. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Much love to you and yours from me and my cat Yaris, happily purring on my lap – he loves to meditate with me, each and every day 😉

  • Posted by:  David Miñarro.

    Wisdom, Peace, and Power (and I mean the Power that comes from feeling your own confidence and dignity). Three wishes for this 2018 that you help me formulate with your precise words and unique attitude.
    Regarding my meditation practice, I don’t know why, but this morning it really helped me changing the words from “focus on your breath” to “feel your breath”, as you said on this last video. It made stay more centered on it and actually enjoy it, making my mind stay calmer and without so many attempts to drift away. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays for you too.
    David Miñarro.

  • Posted by:  Pamela Nesbit

    Thank you for the courage you inspire to be not be afraid of ourselves.
    Thank you for your gift of respect, acceptance and inspiration.

    Peace in our heart, life and in the world. Thank you for the lessons of this practice.


    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      <3 <3 <3

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