A loving kindness meditation for victims of abuse.

September 28, 2018 | Leave your thoughts

Let’s sit together and practice with what hurts the most, not to feel better but to stay focused, strong, and connected with each other. I’ll also read you something I read by Lama Rod Owens that I found enormously powerful:

Spiritual Rituals of Resistance, Resilience, and Sustainability
By Lama Rod Owens

Rise early in the morning. Hear in the stillness of morning what you can’t hear anytime else.

If you cannot or choose not to speak, go in silence. Think of those that have always loved you. Reflect on their love. Imagine that your silence is saturated with their love.

Remember those that have cared for you or who have worked for your happiness. Give rise to gratitude for them.

Remember those who came before you and helped you to be alive now. Ask them to abide with you. Call them ancestors. Believe that you are never alone.

Cry. Dry your tears. Then continue. Repeat if necessary.

When you are tired, rest. When hungry, eat. When thirsty, drink. If possible, do this and think that you are taking rest, food, and drink not just for yourself, but for others who cannot.

If you choose to make love, surrender to lovers that can also make love to your pain.

Create energetic barriers by imagining a wall of light around you that keeps the darkness of negativity from touching you.

Avoid people who do not want to do the work of sustainability.

Avoid people that intentionally keep you from practicing sustainability.

If you are the person that keeps you from being sustainable, seek out individuals and communities that teach you to sustain.

Swim in natural water like lakes or ponds. Let the water cleanse your spirit.

Baptize yourself in the name of whatever helps you to survive and imagine that you are being reborn.

Keep being reborn.

Wear white and imagine that your body is releasing old or toxic energy it cannot use or transform.

Fast and ask to be guided.

Read sacred scriptures and writings.

Go and sit with the Elders. Ask them to tell you stories.

Spend time with people who do not want anything from you.

Cook a meal. Before eating it set aside a small portion of it for the spirits of those who have passed.

Meditate under the light of the moon. Imagine that the light is cleansing you.

Write down everything you struggle with on a piece of paper. Burn it outside. Imagine that you are burning away the obstacles that keep you struggling.

Burn sage and lavender and cleanse your body and personal space.

Dwell in spaces that love you.

Burn incense.

Pray. Refrain.

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