Mommy Sangha

A supportive gathering of moms, stepmoms, and grandmothers to practice meditation together and share our wisdom.


When the care and feeding of small humans is a top priority, your meditation practice can get lost in the shuffle. Having a built-in community – or sangha – of other moms who value meditation and bringing Buddhist wisdom into their families makes practice a no-brainer.

“I was so excited when I first learned about the mommy sangha and immediately knew I’d join! I noticed that my day to day challenges significantly changed when I became a parent. This was what originally brought me to start meditation practice. I think parents have a unique set of challenges and obstacles to maintaining a regular meditation practice. This group helps create a support for that practice as well as a community of other people sharing the experience of motherhood through the lens of a meditator.” Nicole, Minneapolis, mom to Will, age 6 and Paige, age 4

What IS the Mommy Sangha?

A live, online, weekly, half-hour gathering every Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:00 pm Eastern time. We use the Zoom platform, which actually let’s us all see one another. All gatherings are recorded in case the time (or time zone) doesn’t work for you that day.

For me, the OHP Mommy Sangha is a safe, sacred place to explore what it means to meditate as a mother. Before having my daughter, my practice was so different — mainly, it was more consistent, or at least having the option to practice was always there. As a new mama, finding the time to practice and having the motivation to do so (in competition with so many other things on my to-do list) is an everyday challenge. I can’t always join the group live, but the option to watch the recorded videos and add to forum discussion at my own pace has made my stillness practice more practical and, thus, easier to do. The added support, accountability and ideas that come from this gentle community helps me evolve into a better parent as my sweet little girl grows. Kelly, Washington, D.C. and Paris, mom to Sage, age 21 months

What Happens at the Mommy Sangha?
  • We begin with a short reading about motherhood and Buddhist principles
  • We practice together – meditation instruction is provided
  • We connect, share, listen to, and support one another

I joined the Mommy Sangha to have a place where motherhood would be celebrated as a valid path. Where we could explore together the unique way in which the experience of motherhood (what we do and how we have to be) not only brings the Buddhist teachings to life, but how it shapes our understanding of the teachings. Deborah, Columbus, grandmother to Marianne, age 2.

What I love about this community is the feeling that we all come from a place of “not knowing” and there is no “trying to hide your stuff” to appear in a certain way. I feel welcome with all my mess. We are all in the same boat (not always so sleek parenthood)  with a longing to give ourselves a bit of space to practice. And it is easier to find the motivation/energy/time for practice when you don’t have to do it alone. Aurélie, Brussels, mom to Mila, age 1 year

For a list of upcoming Mommy Sangha gathering dates, please visit our events calendar.

Cost: $10 per month or FREE for Open Heart Project Sangha members. Sangha members, please email Lisa to receive a link to the live weekly Mommy Sangha gathering.

Once you register, your account will be charged automatically every 30 days, unless or until you cancel.

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Jenna and Mimmo


 About Jenna Hollenstein

New mom, mindfulness teacher, and Founder and Nutrition Therapist at Eat to Love, Jenna aims to bring the gentle sanity of Buddhist principles to every aspect of her personal and professional life. She is excited to support Mommy Sangha members to create and sustain a meditation practice that creates awareness, lovingkindness, and self-compassion. Her greatest teachers include Susan, her partner Andrea, and her son Mimmo.

About the Open Heart Project

Created by meditation teacher and writer Susan Piver, the OHP is an online meditation center. It shares all the qualities of a traditional dharma center: A shared practice. Workshops. Advanced courses. Retreats. Guest teachers. Community gatherings—all online and available to you 24/7. Currently, there are close to 18000 members all over the world who are practicing meditation to recover a sense of balance, cultivate fearlessness, sharpen our minds, and soften our hearts. We practice together to create a network of sanity and kindness. More information about the Open Heart Project can be found here.

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