Where does loving kindness come from during times of division and stress?

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The meditation begins at 7:30.
Audio only version is here.

Dear Open Heart Project,

Hello! I hope you are well. I look forward to meditating together today.

There is a lot of divisiveness and contention in the world at this very moment. I feel it right along with you. Still, we are committed to open-heartedness. We want to be kind without compromising our principles. How can we navigate the current environment with strength and an attitude of loving kindness? Before today’s meditation, I offer some thoughts about where you can find both. (Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with being “nice” or pretending you feel anything other than what you do.)

Thoughts? I always love to hear from you.

With love, Susan

p.s. On December 11-15, I’ll be in the beautiful Colorado Rockies for my annual Fearless Creativity retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center. I’d love to see you there. It’s a great time and place to get away from everything, reflect deeply about the upcoming year, and meditate in community.

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