The Noble Eightfold Path: Part 4

May 9, 2022   |   Leave a reply

Audio-only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 20:55

Dear Open Heart Project,

I’m so happy to send you the fourth video in our eight video series on the noble eightfold path of Buddhism. We have already discussed Right View, Right Intention, and Right Speech. Today we discuss Right Action. Interestingly, right action has more to do with what we do not do than anything else. Please have a listen and let me know what you think! I always love to hear from you.

The discussion ends with a guided 10-minute meditation.

Hope you are well! See you in two weeks.

Love, Susan

I have taught Fearless Creativity at residential retreat centers for over a decade. Past attendees have included memoirists, novelists, poets, bloggers, songwriters, screenwriters, and people with an important professional commitment to a writing project (like a textbook or a how-to manual). Participants have completed stories, figured out plot points, started new projects, surprised themselves with a new creative direction, and finally written about what is most important. This program is for you if you long for the time and space to listen to your own voice and sink into a project with the support of a teacher, a preset schedule, a community, and lots (and lots) of tacos. Find out more about this August 10-14 retreat at my house in Austin, TX here.

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