PTSD, Meditation, and more

December 6, 2010   |   2 Comments

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Did an interview with Michele Rosenthal for her site, Heal My PTSD. Here is a link to the audio interview, if you’d like to listen.

  1. myths about meditation
  2. how to begin a simple meditation practice
  3. the benefits of meditation in PTSD recovery
  4. inner growth from trauma
  5. benefits of creativity in healing posttraumatic stress (ever heard of the word ‘vibing’?)
  6. the gift of hypervigilance — and how you can use it for good!
  7. how writing can help release and deal with overwhelming emotion
  8. how to dedicate the merit — and why you need to
  9. how to step away from and then toward your memories
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  • Posted by:  veteranusmc

    I have a question about us with PTSD. How come 90% of people with PTSD can completely heal. I must be a pussy or a faker I guess because I clinicly died and layed on the ground and suffercated to death in my own blood. I guess I should just shake it off and grow up and get over it. I truly dout that people who truly suffer from real PTSD ever fully recover because we are fine its sociaty that is the problem. Speed dial 911 when we are in crisis send the cops and destroy our lives and shoot us dead in most cases. Our symptoms save our life and we don’t want to die so we survive in the manner that saved or life so to not have those normal symtoms would be abnormal.

  • Posted by:  Susan

    I have no idea how you could just shake it off and grow up and get over it. I really, really wish you the best with the healing process, however fast or slow it goes…

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