Lojong Slogan 9

March 6, 2020   |   Leave a reply

Over in the Open Heart Project sangha, we are studying the 59 slogans of Atisha which is a thousand-year old practice for training the mind for loving-kindness and wisdom. This week, our seemingly elliptical  slogan is “In all activities, train with slogans.”
In other words, slogans are good. The truth is, you are already following this instruction. However, the slogans we tend to train with are things like, “You really screwed that up,” “It’s hopeless,” and “What were you thinking?!” These are not recommended. Instead, you could try the following:
Work with the actual slogans by memorizing them and/or contemplating them–and then seeing how or if they arise in your mind during certain activities.
You could begin replacing current non-helpful slogans (see above) with helpful ones. For example, when you begin to think about an argument with your partner, instead of using the slogan “They will never understand me,” you could try “I long for understanding” and see how (or if) that alters the way you feel about them or yourself. This is not about disciplining yourself harshly, it is about introducing a note of spaciousness.
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