Let’s go big AND go home in 2020!

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Hello beloved Open Heart Project,

As mentioned last week, the Open Heart Project is changing to offer more support, more love, more connection in 2020. Why? Because it’s been a crazy year! So much is up in the air. Yes, there is a lot of stress…but there is also a lot of strength and support from people who value what you do: meaning, compassion, equality, truth, creativity, joy, SANITY.

When we feel alone in it all, we crash. When we are in community, we are empowered.

In 2020, we need to go further than ever to create a good life (for ourselves and others) and we need a refueling station, a home base. The Open Heart Project Sangha is that home base. It is a singular web of spiritual teachings, friendship, opportunities to practice meditation and learn from a variety of teachers, and a kind of compassion command central, a worldwide community of brilliance and goodness.

If you’ve been meditating with me for free for months or years, please know that every single video (now nearly 1000!) was created with great joy and absolute delight! If had it to do all over again, I would do it exactly the same way…but we have reached a turning point at the OHP. It has grown so big. I want it to grow even bigger still—but I can’t do it by myself. I am asking for your support. To continue to receive weekly meditations (and a ton of free programs, introductions to great teachers, and a supportive community), please join the Open Heart Project Sangha. Whether you join to get something (which is fine! great!) and/or to give something (to me, to support others to meditate and bring more mindfulness into the world), is up to you. I will be thrilled in all cases.

You can join the Sangha for a month for $27 or a year for $270 (save $54). Details are here. We will start the year with a 21-Day Meditation Challenge, which costs $54…or $0 if you join the Sangha. (The challenge is included with Sangha membership.) If you join before Jan 7, I’ll also send you a free introduction to the Enneagram.

Details about what has gone into creating the Open Heart Project and where it is going in 2020 are in my annual report, here. It was such fun to write! We’ve gone a long way, y’all. This is just the start.

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

With love, Susan

PS I mentioned this last week, but I want to mention it again: in 2020, your Open Heart Project meditation newsletter will go from once a week to once a month. Please stay signed up to practice together and receive occasional announcements about special programs. xoxo

PPS If you would like to jump in on the last days of our free Building a Mindful New Year program (Dec 25-Jan 1), there is still time. Click here to listen to the previous and upcoming talks.

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