Cultivating the Mind of Compassion in a Crazy World: Step 3

February 21, 2022   |   4 Comments

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Audio-only version is here.
Meditation practice begins at 13:20.

Dear Open Heart Project,

Welcome to the third video in our series: Cultivating the Mind of Compassion in a Crazy World.

Week 1: Affection for the World

Week 2: Faith in the Right Situations

Now we come to Compassion for Sentient Beings. This may sound straightforward, like, of course! If I want to cultivate a mind f compassion, I should feel compassion for…everyone. Okay, maybe. But here, “everyone” begins with you. How able are you to feel compassion for the sentient being who is reading these words?

Please have a listen to this short talk to hear more about the meaning of compassion, why it has to start with you, the importance of meditation–and a story about what I learned when someone told me to eff off and almost destroyed my creative and financial life. Seriously!!

With love,


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  • Posted by:  Lori Mills

    The dharma talk and example for framing how we respond was so relevant for me today! Thank you so much for taking time to model exactly how this type of healthy thought process may sound in our own head. I did even get to the point of wishing them well (backyard shared fence issue) and being thankful for an opportunity to practice a new way of responding to _____ (how I fill that blank in keeps changing).

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      So very glad this was useful, Lori. <3 Susan

  • Posted by:  Anette Urbanski

    Thank you Susan , for this reminder! Exactly this was needed today . Lori’s description resonate .
    Thank you for the honest and clear words in describing the situation. Very helpful.
    Compassion for this being , seeing where it is needed.

    • Posted by:  Susan Piver

      So glad it was useful! Love, S

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