Buddhist wisdom for quelling fear: Step #2

March 30, 2020   |   Leave a reply

Audio only version here
Meditation begins at 12:22

Dear Open Heart Project,

I hope you are well and staying strong during this very uncertain time. As mentioned last week, I’m returning to sending you a new video each week rather than once a month. At this time, it feels good and right to be in closer contact. Please do let me/us know in comments how you are. What is on your mind? What is helping you to stay strong?

Last week, I mentioned how helpful it is to consider the six paramitas (or transcendent actions). At this moment, we need more than ideas (at least I do), we need insights into how to act, what to do, and what can genuinely help us and our loved ones. The first paramita, generosity, is here. This week we consider the second paramita, discipline, an especially helpful quality when our normal patterns are thrown off. Please listen to this week’s talk for more.

Please remember that we now have four live sittings per day, Monday-Friday. All the details are here. The 3rd sitting is in Spanish. Yoga Nidra has been introduced in certain sessions. Please feel free to share if you know others who would benefit from sitting in community. 

With much love, Susan

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