108 chances

June 14, 2007   |   Leave a reply

memphis slim at antone’s in austin, tx, 1986-ish (mel brown under the hat behind him, sitting at the b-3) Buddhists say that in every moment there are 108 opportunities to wake up fully and completely, to transcend the sorrows of this world and attain bliss without end. You might find your moment in the sunset or the blossoming of a... READ MORE

CJA, RIP, 1949-2006

June 13, 2007   |   Leave a reply

Last year, a dear friend died suddenly. He was the founder of a blues club I worked in. But that doesn’t really describe him. This man, Clifford Antone, devoted everything he owned and everything he was to blues music and musicians. It’s not like he was a saint (see below), but in a sense, he was (see below). He had... READ MORE

Authentic BS

June 12, 2007   |   2 Comments

Some years ago, The New York Times ran an op-ed piece entitled, “Authentic? Never Mind” by Paul Krugman. It’s about how presidential candidates are trying to appear authentic. (Oxymoron.) One candidate, for example, switched from a Lincoln Continental to a pickup truck to appear authentic during his Senate run. Does anyone really fall for #(@) like this? Substituting the image... READ MORE

best career advice. ever.

June 11, 2007   |   2 Comments

“Never accept responsibility without authority.” I thought that to move to the “next level,” I had to take on more responsibility. I didn’t pay so much attention to who actually had the authority to make decisions about these responsibilities. Power (or whatever you want to call it) comes from more authority, not more responsibility. So now I work in a... READ MORE

sam cooke & basic goodness

June 9, 2007   |   2 Comments

I heard that Sam Cooke dreamt the song A Change is Gonna Come,woke up and wrote it down. It scared him. He thought it meant he was going to die. The song sounds like this. Lately, I’ve been listening to it repeatedly. Like maybe hundreds of times in the last several months. It makes me cry every single time. I’m... READ MORE

UK glamour mag called

June 6, 2007   |   1 Comment

what questions can you ask yourself to see if you’re ready for marriage? could i devise a short quiz for readers to test their readiness? i love things like this. a chance to try to say something i believe to be helpful, in women’s magazine-speak. without being a liar or a fool. challenge to self: try to point out the... READ MORE

cyndi lauper

June 6, 2007   |   1 Comment

i forgot. this is what music is supposed to sound like. listen to cyndi lauper offering tribute to joni mitchell at some awards thing-y. (mtv?) vocal is relaxed and intensely focused. the singer is listening to the band. the band is listening to the singer. the performer is deeply seated within herself. no one is in a hurry. the context... READ MORE

"Out of Fear" (Shambhala Sun 2007)

June 3, 2007   |   Leave a reply

When I began practicing Buddhism in 1995, I hoped it would help me cope with depression, make me more loving, and, mainly, decrease the level of fear that seemed to always accompany me—fear of financial ruin, war, my own unlovability, or who could be calling me on the phone. And it really helped with these things; I calmed down a... READ MORE

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