What is the best way to prepare for a meditation retreat?

July 3, 2017   |   2 Comments


 Welcome to the Ask Susan podcast. This is episode #19. 

I’m really excited to be able to offer this to you. Each week, I will answer a question about spirituality and meditation practice. Please click here to ask me your question.

Ashley is planning to come on one of my retreats. YAY! This is her first-ever meditation retreat and she was wondering what she could do to prepare.

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  • Posted by:  Anett

    Thank you Susan for answering , this was my experience with almost all retreats … is there a balance between taking care of oneself and going on the next level.. maybe it feels like better to go slowly … are there some grounding practices – really connecting with the earth and have people with you that know what to do if you loose ground and space out.. thank you.

  • Posted by:  Ashley

    Oh, YAY! you answered my question! I feel like I won the lottery. Thank you!

    Alas, your mention of dons was somewhat prophetic, as I’ve had to cancel out of the retreat this year (scheduling stuff). So how perfect, that in answering my question about preparing for a retreat, that you also answered a question I didn’t even know to ask at the time, back when I first sent my question to you, about how to feel ok about having to change my plans.

    Thank you, Susan. I know our paths will cross sometime — just not this Sept at Shambhala Mtn Center.

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